Dr Sanjay Shukla
(PhD Life Science Clinical Embryologist)

Dr Sanjay Shukla bagged a PhD degree in Life Sciences working on the early diagnosis of typhoid fever at Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Indore. He is working in the areas of biomedical research since 1991. He started his professional career in the field of Clinical Embryology and Human Reproduction in 1998.

He was awarded a summer fellowship in the Biology of Reproduction by the Centro de Estudios en Gynecologia y Reproducćion, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2006.
There, he studied various aspects of mammalian reproduction including ova retrieval from bovine ovaries, in vitro maturation of oocytes, IVF in bovine and in human, implantation biology, stem cells and cloning in mice and bovines, studies on various pathologies of sperms & embryos and the possible causes of fertilization failure or abnormal fertilization in clinical cases using techniques such as - immunocytochemistry, epifluorescence and confocal microscopy. 
 He has also helped some IVF clinics in India to set-up their IVF labs and has extended his scientific support to carry out clinical embryology work.
 He loves arts, photography, reading, sports, music, & traveling.